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Photographed in Branch Brook Park, crown jewel of the Essex County Park System in NJ. Branch Brook Park spans Belleville and Newark and contains 4,000 cherry blossoms that put on a spectacular display every April.

PhotoSynthesis by Quiet Heart
PhotoSynthesis combines the expressiveness of painting with the realism of photography. To create my images I begin with a digital photograph that I "paint" over using a mouse or stylus and painting software. I then vary the transparency of the painted and photographic layers to create a unique hybrid image featuring the best of both media.
Shades of PinkPink GladeCascading PinkAlong the Mill StreamBlossoms and BridgeKiyofumi Sakaguchi GroveBlossoms and Daffodils IBlossoms and Daffodils IISacred HeartTower BlossomsCathedral BlossomsBranch Brook SwanLakeside BlossomsSenseiPink Blossom PathBlossom ClusterMagenta BlossomsShibuiBlossoming BranchMorning Grove I